A life and Alive.

I hate that I forget about this place sometimes. Makes me a little sad.
A LOT has happened. A lot.
So much that I don't know if I could type it all here.
I'm living a new life now, Married, working 2 jobs, still playing with my dolls. :)
I was given my Dollfie Dream as a wedding gift.
I have sold my MNF Shushu and I am in the process of selling my Dollzone Hid. I have with me a Little Rebel Hachi on a modded girl body and a Xagadoll Nono.
I am slowly gaining new friends as I lose old ones. Ones dear to me.

Hopefully I'll find a way to be completely happy again, but for now, I write in a blog that no one will ever read and I work my butt off.
Excuse me while I go brush Chie's hair.
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More shirts and GaiaOnline.

Waiting on my blouse and just bought another shirt online. x3 although that second one isn't Lolita.

Its a Final Fantasy XIV  Wondercon exclusive t-shirt!!

Been meaning to install it. x3 Gotta be able to pay the monthly fee.

Been on Gaiaonline a lot lately, questing Little Lucie if anyone wants to donate!

My username is "Usagi Teatime". :3 Add me!


Breasts and Boys.

I know that title sounds strange, but those two items have nothing to do with each other!

On the first subject. I was always insecure about my boobs because they have some flaws that I thought were...seriously strange.
I thought I was deformed! But I found out i'm totally fine and its REALLY common and normal with super pale people. :3


If you're insecure about your boobs, go there. ^^

Now on to the next subject.




Its like "Geeze guys, I wish you would have told me that while we were in high school and when I was single. WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THEN?  "

"...i was shy" 



Silliness and Life updates.

I just realized how much I love my journal theme.
I love elephants. They are just so dang cute and smart!

Anyways, since I've been away from here for a really long time, I thought I would update a little.

Hikaru proposed to me nearly ages ago, we're going on 3 years now. :3 

I moved out of my mother's home and in with him. We are doing great!

We have a date picked out but it isn't completely set in stone yet. :PP

I had a job. Sales for Comcast, but then I got really really really sick, so I had to quit.

I'm trying to get back into school.

I have gotten myself into a few big expensive messes. (although they aren't really messes. Just expensive hobbies that will completely drain my wallet)
1. I bought an Asian Ball Joint Doll. She is a Minifee Shushu and her name is Audrie. She is MSD sized. $400 brand new.
2. I have another doll on layaway now. She is a Dollfie Dream- Airy. and her name is Chie. $800 Brand new.
3. I have started getting into Lolita fashion. And I'll just let you think of how much that costs.

I have missed blogging. Really. 


Leaving LJ.

So, i've grown tired of LiveJournal.
There isn't much here to do.

If I continue to persue blogging, it will be on Blogger.

I'm sorry everyone who reads this. [which is hardly anyone]

Once I get my new blog all pretty and fancy, i'll put the link  in somewhere here.

Until then, Adieu.


Weekend Plans and SacAnime convention.

You guys have no idea how excited I am.
In less than a weeks time, I will be at my local anime con in Sacramento.

This little place of happiness is called SacAnime.
This was my first covention back in 2007 and here I am now, A full blown otaku.
I can't believe this is where it all started.

World, I love you.

I will now post pictures that my boyfriend has taken from past SacAnimes so you guys can see what its like.

Bedroom and Bragging.

Some people have been asking me "Hey Mana, Since you're an Otaku, What does your room look like?"

Well, here ya go. <3

Thats my friend, Don't mind her. XD

Well, thats it.

Sorry about the bad quality. My phone sucks. I'll be getting a new one soon.

I'll update my room whenever it looks like it improved. XD


Catching up.

I haven't posted in a while!

1. I am now dating Hikaru Kazushime. <3 5 months and going strong!
2. I turned 17 the other day.
3. My little brother got mugged at school.
4. My dad handed me a $100 bill.
5. With that bill, I bought Figma Mikuru and Revoltech movie ver Yoko. <3

TADA! That's it. XD

So, I haven't been doing much really.
Focusing on school. If I don't get my credits up, I won't graduate so I am very very busy lately.
I also have to take my Senior Photos today. T__T Not really looking forward to that. Its kind of stressful.

I'll prolly post some photo stories later when my figures arrive.